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Selling A Home

Selling your home may be the single most significant investment decision of your life. In this fast growing market, selecting the best agent to get the greatest value from your home is crucial.

There are many important decisions that go into selling a home. When is the best time to sell? How will you market the property to get the highest value? What are the tax implications and how can you avoid them? How do you negotiate with the buyer to make sure all your needs are met?

Patrick Henry can help you answer all these questions and more. He will be there with you through the entire process to ensure that you fully understand this important transaction. His experience ensures that your home will go to the most qualified buyer and protect your investment.

Patrick Henry also uses the most current technologies available to ensure your home is at it's best for potential buyers.

Here is an overview for selling your home:

  • Agent/Seller meeting determines compatibility.
  • "Sold Comparables" are reviewed to determine a price.
  • A seller "to do" list is generated to ensure a more efficient sales process.
  • Staging showcases the best features and benefits of your property.
  • Marketing campaign is initiated.
  • Professional photography puts your home in the best light.
  • Broker tour introduces your home to real estate professionals.
  • In-house tour generates enthusiasm.
  • Open House invites buyers to view your home up close.
  • Negotiation with buyer is completed
  • A smooth escrow process is expedited

Selling a Home